How we work

The sale and purchase your property requires a guarentee of safety and genuine security, competence and experience of professionals and therefore through our experienced experts and by using certified brokers, we  provide you free of charge:

  • our qualified advice and consultation focus on your personal and economic interest,
  • exceptional marketing opportunities with local expertise  and global reach,
  • we use strong communication tools for extensive reach and exposure of a property,
  • through the marketing services we form professional presentation properties,
  • we place a presentation of real estate on the  most visited real estate servers and press media in Slovakia and abroad,
  • we develop marketing and sales plan of all properties,
  • we use the most modern marketing and communication tools and technical devices to present your real estate, so the properties become more visible and faster to sell or rent,
  • on presentation of your real estate, besides classic photos, we also use videos, 3D photos and  virtual reality (VR) tour.

„Full-service for maximum comfort and support.“

Our services
  • Property selling

    Selling of your high-end or luxury home can be a complex process in which we can be very helpful for you. If you want to sell your property, land, development project or existing business we will connect you with prospective buyers from Slovakia and abroad. We realize uniting the visions of buyers and sellers, determine true value of property, negotiate purchase agreement, provide legal, administrative and financial service. Our goal is to connect unique properties with unique clients.

  • Property buying

    The professionals in our real estate company are able and willing to find for you the one property that best suits your needs – the properties of your dreams. Of course,, in our unique real estate portfolio we have also the finest properties that will appeal to you. However, our philosophy is based on a total service approach. Even if we do not immidiately have the perfect property for you in our current inventory, we will do our very best to identify your dream home by the alternative means. Choose the right property and  our experts will help you make your purchase to your maximum satisfaction. We will negotiate the best price and  purchase agreement, provide legal, administrative and, eventually, financial services and architectural and interior support.

  • Residential rentals

    We have many years experience in the field of renting residential properties and offer a full spectrum of both landlords and tenants. In our database you can find many nice and luxury properties for rent in Bratislava and other locations of Slovakia as well as an international properties in abroad. We provide our best services in finding the right property and negotiating lease agreements.

  • Commercial leasing

    We offer extensive commercial real estate services. Our goal is to provide clients with prompt and professional service in the areas of leasing, landlord representation and tenant representation. Thanks to our long-term presence in the real estate market, our clients can profit from our knowledge of owners and experiences of our  professionals in the area of comemercial leasing.

  • Legal services

    Our real estate company provides the highest quality of legal services to every real estate  transaction through our lawyer and his law firm. If you decide to buy, sell, rent or lease the finest and luxury properties through our real estate agency, you will automatically be provided with legal services  that  include: preparation of all contractual documents, legal advice on buying and selling real estate, professional consultations with the lawyer, expert legal consultancy in foreign sales and leases as well as the preparation of bilingual contracts, the possibility of advocacy for the whole purchase price or part of it.

  • Investment consulting

    Investment consulting and investment management services for private investors and property owners are provided by our team of professionals  that can help you indetify quality investment opportunities and advices in expert consultancy concerning the optimum use of the property, its development and the follow up service. We provide the investment consulting in findig the appropriate investment project, legal and financial consulting and administrative support.